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You, are obviously familiar of cloud computing or storing information using the Cloud. It is easy, fast, flexible, and reliable, you say. Reliable? It can be but sometimes isn’t! Cloud storage is a storage that is not locally hosted. The data are stored in physical media like any other data, but the storage media is a hard drive located in some far-off server farm instead of a hard drive in your computer. In traditional cloud storage systems, you never really know where your personal data are stored; let alone being assured of their security!




American Technology Solutions (AMTS) now delivers a Personal Cloud Storage that takes utmost care to ensure your cloud storage is indeed YOURS. The AMTS Cloud Storage system lets you work on any file from anywhere. You can share exactly what you want, with exactly whom you want. Moreover, all transport of file data and file metadata occurs over SSL. All files are encrypted with AES-256 before being stored on its back end. These are the same standards that banks and the military use to protect their data! Well, need we say more?


Storage is Now Easy!

3750Managing storage with AMTS is incredibly easy. Create, store, access, and manage your documents, data and more with AMTS.

It’s easy to integrate and use. For a minimal comprehensive monthly fee, your data gets stored in the supremely secure AMTS Enterprise Cloud.



Your Cloud, Just Everywhere!

Untitled-5Automatically. Solely, yours. That’s the way your private cloud should be, and AMTS makes it a reality.

So, when you create your file and store it over AMTS Enterprise Cloud, you don’t have to worry about the cumbersome file transfers with your buddies across the globe.

Your data, once on AMTS Storage Cloud, gives you the choice and comfort of sharing it painlessly with the people YOU want.

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