Cloning Servers in the Cloud

Clone your servers in the cloud to minimize production downtime.


In production environments downtime is a major event. Users never want to be down, whether it’s for maintenance or a critical down issue. American Technology Solutions (AMTS) offers a strategy that allows near-zero downtime for emergencies or for maintenance activities on virtualized servers. AMTS solution strategy can help reduce the time, risk and stress on your company.

Welcome to American Technology Solutions, a secure cloud provider. AMTS provides the secure cloud for responsible, security-conscious, and compliance-driven companies like yours. We reduce risk for you by protecting your data and help you exceed compliance requirements. We can provide security compliance software on your network to run monthly, daily, or as needed allowing you to meet security, audit and regulatory compliance requirements.

It makes no difference, if you’re a small company looking at your first server, and don’t have the room or staff to support one. You could be looking to add a server, or simply wanting the insurance that your production doesn’t have to stop. AMTS secure cloud servers is the answer for you.


AMTS Secure Cloud Servers solution provides:


  • Security:  All transport of file data and file metadata occurs over SSL.  All files are
  • Compliance: Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) Meet security, audit and regulatory
  • Performance: AMTS uses 1.5TB of Solid State Drives for cache, increasing throughput to
  • Scalability: AMTS goal is to make our secure cloud scale effortlessly to meet customer
  • Flexible:  One of the biggest challenges businesses face is to meet their schedules without sacrificing security or compliance. They look to AMTS to deliver the flexibility needed to get you up and running the right way. At AMTS security is our core service, so we offload the burdens of shopping, buying, implementing, integrating, and managing security technologies as part of your infrastructure service. This means less work for you and more time to concentrate on other important activities.


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